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Los Viajantes,

Inspired by years of traveling America and my life's passion for the culture of cigars I smoke, I found myself happening upon cigar shops and lounges on the beaten paths of America's roads. In my adventures I have been christened by one Cuban American Cigar Lounge owner as "El Viajante"; and this is my Stogie Road experience shared with you.

So come along with me, El Viajante and share in the adventures through my travels of the lounges that we visit and the cigars we all love to smoke. We will experience together the good the bad and the ugly of these travels as we discover the hidden gems and the rotten apples of America's cigar lounges and  review the cigars we smoke and where we smoke them. Take a trip with me on Viajante's Stogie Road. Who knows one day you might find yourself on The Stogie Road needing a place to do what we love best learn about and smoke cigars!


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